Initial Consultation and Treatment 

85 mins               £55

Your first session begins with an in depth consultation followed by a full Acupuncture treatment. This will usually include other supporting types of Chinese Medicinal therapy such as Cupping, Moxibustion or Tui Na massage; your practitioner will formulate the perfect combination for you.

Follow Up Treatments

55 mins               £45

Beginning with a brief consultation to discuss the progress and changes to your condition, the majority of the session will be spent enjoying your acupuncture treatment. Again, this will likely include other therapies to support the treatment.

Full Body Blast                        

85 mins              £65

A truly immersive and luxurious experience. Unleash the Full power of Traditional Chinese Medicine and jump-start your healing journey with a full 30 minute Tui Na massage and Cupping treatment followed by a full Acupuncture treatment using a combination of Moxibustion, Electro-acupuncture or Gua Sha.

Bulk discount: Acupuncture

5 follow up treatments          £200 (£40 per session)

If you're looking for a series of treatments to address a chronic issue, or just looking to book in your monthly wellbeing top up, buying in bulk is a great idea.

Concession available on request.

To enquire about or book at concession, please drop us an email or give us a call.

Purelands Cancellation Policy


We kindly request that in the event you need to change or cancel your appointment, you provide at least 48 hours notice so that we may be able to offer your treatment slot to another person who needs it. 


Cancellation within 48 hours of treatment: 

The charge is 50% of treatment cost 


The remaining 50% will be used as credit towards your next appointment. This cannot be refunded as cash.




This therapy involves painless insertion of tiny needles at various acupoints located on the surface of the body. The needles used are all single use and approximately the width of a human hair. Each treatment will vary on amount of needles used (usually between 6 and 12), and the location of the needles will depend upon the condition being treated.

For more info please visit our FAQs 


Tui Na massage is a form of Chinese massage designed to both relax the muscles and stimulate the meridians underneath to achieve a deeper therapeutic effect. The technique can be applied to lubricated skin or over the clothes if necessary. The practitioner will use various techniques involving different parts of their hands to stimulate the body in various ways.


Used in conjunction with Acupuncture to intensify and enhance the effects. This soothing therapy involves burning a natural herb called Mugwort either on the end of the needle or held near the acupoint, and functions to warm and nourish the area. 

Therapeutically, Moxa bolsters energy, to sooth painful conditions which benefit from heat therapy such as arthritis. 


Cupping is a superficial therapy used on the back, legs, arms, abdomen or even the face. Using suction, the cup is gently slid across the skin or left static over problem areas to alleviate muscle tension, encourage blood flow, balance the nervous system and bring out old blood cells form deeper levels of the body.

Cupping is not painful, you can choose the most comfortable intensity for you.


Advancement of modern technology has allowed us to push acupuncture in new and innovative directions. Electroacupuncture combines traditional acupuncture with low level electrical energy applied between two needles along a meridian to achieve a regenerative effect. Used mainly in conditions such as Bells Palsey, in stroke recovery and even to combat nausea from medication in cancer patients. 


Guasha is an ancient technique using gentle scraping of the skin with a smooth edge piece of jade on various areas of the body to induce microcirculation of the soft tissues, reduce inflammation and release local pathogens. Guasha can be an effective therapy to alleviate chronic painful conditions and is usually used in combination with acupuncture and other therapies. 

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