Take a Teabreak!

Not a lot of us need to be asked twice to stop working for a well earned 5 minute coffee break, including me! But you'll be pleased to know that it's actually great for your mental and physical health.

Take Italy for example, it’s one of the countries with the highest life expectancies in the world and we all know Italians love taking coffee breaks. So why is this?

We can attribute some of of this to their fabulous food, great mood-boosting, vitamin D rich weather of course, however we could also argue that it is in the way they are thinking about and structuring their day.

In a competitive world, to achieve and conquer makes us feel amazing, however it is easy to forget to pace ourselves and get completely absorbed into whatever task we are doing at the time and forget to do the things that we as human beings need to do to function at our best.

It is said that the average adult can only concentrate on one thing for a maximum of 40-45 minutes until their attention begins to stray or their energy begins to lag a little. How often have we been guilty of working our way through lunch to keep to a deadline, or get absorbed in our work and before we know it, hours have passed, our eyes feel strained and our brain feels fried.

It's not about working till we drop, it's about working SMART

The art of the tea break may seem like an excuse to procrastinate, however when used skillfully, it can actually give us more focused and high quality work time by giving our brain, our eyes and our body a break from that thing, refreshing for that 5-10 minutes before going back to our task fresh, renewed and ready.

If we are allowing ourself to take a short break every 40 minutes, we will notice that the quality of our work will actually increase. it's not about the tea or the coffee, it's the act of putting down whatever work, activity (or even setting aside the worries you’re having for a few moments) and simply having a walk to the local cafe (or your kitchen), making or buying a coffee and just taking a few minutes to drink it without rushing back.

Time and space both mentally and physically to briefly relax, de stress and be present even for a moment so you can go back to working energised, calmer and hopefully slightly more peaceful.

Happy Teabreaking <3

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