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At Purelands, our approach to healing is gentle but efficient. Working from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and channel theory perspective, each stage of the process from consultation to treatment are designed to get to know you and to get to the very root of your problem so we can eradicate it for good, not just give you temporary relief.

In a treatment with us, you can expect a relaxed and friendly atmosphere waiting to greet you as you walk in, wherein we strive to make you feel at ease, positive and in control of your own healing process as we collaborate to find the best solution for you.

Paolo Nicosia  BSc (Hon), MBAcC

"I have always been passionate about health, and curing illness has always fascinated me. From Acupuncture, I have learnt to live a healthier, traditional lifestyle where I am both more in touch with nature and myself. "

Paolo has a BSc (Hons) degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture from the London Southbank University.

Ellie L. Bradshaw BSc (Hon), MBAcC

"Chinese Medicine has allowed me to explore health and wellbeing from an entirely new perspective. Being able to offer a natural method to healing without unwanted side effects is wonderful."

Ellie has a BSc (Hons) degree in Chinese Medicine: Acupuncture from London Southbank University

Both of the practitioners are members of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC), the leading body for acupuncture in the UK. To join the BAcC you must have degree level qualifications and have over 3600 study hours in Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine in subjects such as anatomy, physiology and pathology. Find out more

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